Scott Guthrie on Smack and Meth (or was it MEF?) - Exclusive Microsoft PDC Video

In this video, Scott Guthrie (aka ScottGu), explains how his team originally used Smack (their nickname for Simple Managed C or  SMC) to write ASP.NET.  However, they later decided to write it in C# on the CLR (we all know using smack is bad).  Scott explains why the decision was "important", "super risky" and the "single biggest" they made in regards to server-side .NET.  If they had not done this, the server-side .NET world we know today may have been different.  It is (in my view) a really interesting bit of history (the original .NET class libraries were also written in SMC and then ported to Cool, later named C#).

This was filmed at the Microsoft PDC 2008 in LA (by me), during Scott's session at the Open Space area.  Thanks to Scott Guthrie for taking the time to talk to us and all people that contributed to the interesting Open Space sessions.

Need something else to do?  Go use some MEF.  "I am a tool window" what are you?