Fix: Microsoft File Transfer Manager Keeps Downloading Old Cancelled Entries

Microsoft File Transfer Manager screen shotThe Problem:  A few months back I had some issues downloading files from Microsoft Connect and MSDN Subscriber Downloads.  Ever since then, the Microsoft File Transfer Manager (FTM) has been acting crazy.  It retains entries to previous successful and cancelled downloads and attempts to re-download them (unsuccessfully) every time I try and download something new.  Cancelling these entries repeatedly does not make any difference.  They keep reappearing.  THIS IS QUITE ANNOYING! 

The Fix:  Today I fixed the issue.  After firing up Procmon I quickly determined that File Transfer Manager was reading files from the following folder:

C:\Users\MickeyMouse\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\File Transfer Manager\RequestQueue

The RequestQueue folder contained a bunch of files with the extension .dlm.  After deleting all of these dlm files Microsoft FTM started working again as normal.  I did not bother looking in these files, I just figured they contained the fubar requests and thus deserved to be destroyed without impunity.

PS My username is not MickeyMouse.