About Me

My name is Ben Taylor.  I live in London and am the Founder of Shape Factory which I started in late 2005.  Shape Factory specialises in e-commerce consultancy and the design and build of e-commerce systems using Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Commerce Server.  We do excellent work for all sorts of companies, including Microsoft and Accenture.

Prior to starting Shape Factory I was the CTO of Snow Valley (aquired by Micros).  My early years (circa 1995) were spent writing real-time foreign exchange dealing software (my first and favourite baby is still on sale as the Reuters Deal Tracker Server).  The Wayback Machine says that I built the first recorded Snow Valley homepage in 1998 (nice colours!).  My later years were spent building and then managing the build of Commerce Server based e-commerce solutions.

I love surfing and spend as much time as possible in Nosara Costa Rica. It is a great place to surf and work.